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Team DRB: Team Members Participated in a Local Beach Cleanup for World Oceans Day

We can do our part to keep the ocean clean by not littering and limiting (or avoiding) plastic use.

At DRB Capital, we strongly believe in pitching in and doing our part whenever possible to make this world a better place. After all, this planet is the only one we have, and it’s our responsibility to ensure we take care of it for future generations.

One of the biggest environmental problems that exists today is pollution. Pollution comes in various forms and has many harmful effects, but marine life in particular is significantly affected. There are many disheartening headlines that continue to circulate about marine life washing up on our shores after ingesting plastic and other harmful materials that weren’t disposed of properly.

Some of these tragedies hit particularly close to home and happen right here in Florida.

Recently in Fort Myers, a dead dolphin with plastic in its stomach was found on the beach. CBS News reports that this is the second dolphin that was found with plastic in its stomach on the same beach in just a one-month period. The other dolphin was found with plastic bags and a piece of a balloon in her stomach, and although the dolphin was not dead when she was discovered, biologists at the FWC decided to “humanely euthanize” her to end her suffering. reports that this is a problem happening everywhere around the world, with a young sperm whale found dead in Italy with what is suspected to be due to ingesting plastic. Another sperm whale, who was pregnant, was also found washed up in Sardinia with more than 50 pounds of plastic in her stomach.

We can do our part to keep the ocean clean by not littering and limiting (or avoiding) plastic use altogether.  Also, joining together and participating in a beach cleanup can be a great way to really make a difference.

June 8, 2019 was World Oceans Day, and team members from DRB Capital participated in a local beach cleanup. Together, we got rid of a significant amount of plastic and other debris on the beach. We want to thank everyone who joined us on this special day and we hope you will join us again next year!

If you were unable to pitch on World Oceans Day, remember that you can always take the time to participate in a beach cleanup. If you don’t live near the beach you can clean up near a river, because rivers eventually lead to the ocean.  No effort is too small; even if it’s a solo beach cleanup and you’re just spending a few minutes cleaning up, your efforts can go a long way.

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